Dead Men Are Watching

by Kevin Curphey

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This is a song about the entertainment industry, and corporate business world in general. it compares the exploitation of those who seek fame and fortune to the world of corporate whores, and those who ride off the backs of others artistic energy, only to leave them with nothing left over, but a few memories and a "smile and handshake". there are various references to both events in my own life, as well as to stories told by another much more noted artist if you listen close.


Dead Men Are Watching

The tired ones came, had some hits, made a new name, and did some kicks,
the boys they sang a song or two, the girls were there and the nights were blue.

stormy lives made everything grow, from shadows and runways, and invisible shows,
the lights went on, and every stranger walked in, the beat was fun and the story was tasty,

sensations for all and to all a goodnight, they grew up poor, and booked their flight
stories aroused, a new sense of belonging, and how they all know, that the def man is talking...

don't be ashamed, for those days are all over...
you cant find them now, not even for glory,
and they would not care, if you leaned down to blow them,
there's nothing more sacred, than infidels moaning.

Call to my master, i haven't a station,
they just run away, and they hide with their passion
i can suspect that you wont get an answer,
when ever i call, the lightening starts flashing.

Slide on over to the city with me...
i want to stand on the edge of that street.
I want to smell the smoke, the sent of hookahs and cherries,
running down alleyways and claiming we're free...

now i could have sworn that you were alone,
i didn't know that the day was so cold.
But when you lit radar in Germany's store,
i could have sworn that the day broke your heart.

I listened too long, because i started to think.
An afternoon song, made me dizzy and weak,
longing for youth, and a time i can live in,
wishing for hope, as you said "its a cheap thing".

I took a bus, back to my hometown
i met a girl, she was pretty and kind.
It was the last time i set eyes on her face,
we stole a stage and sang solo all night...

she spoke about reason and things i cant understand,
like eating, and sleeping, and tuning my mind...
i took her back with me, when she went on her way,
and sitting there thinking, why don't memories fade.

Lets play a day job, and i'll be the jester, it wasn't too far, from the greeting i gave in to.
I'll make you a star, said the fool to the novice, but the wise man was waiting, and YOU never showed up.
There's nothing to see here, just a bit of a breakdown, where does the time go, and what kind of bargain.
He laughed as he put on his tie and his oxfords, then took every penny, from anyone standing.

And traded was 'hope' for a smile and handshake...
The language of fear is the, the passion of courage.
Whatever that means, i'm sure i cant tell you,
but don't be too long, while you seek out your fortune.
Or it will be gone and the dead men will watch you...


released July 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Kevin Curphey Scottsdale, Arizona

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